Current Tenants

New hedge fund managers need office space, and they need information, inspiration and capital. Often the manager starting a fund has previously been employed by a large asset management organization and is not used to having zero support around him or her. Running a small business leaves them drowning in detail and unfocussed on the main objective of raising assets and outperforming.

The Hedge Fund Hotel provides our start-ups with the perfect environment in which to operate and grow.

Apex Fund Services (Canada) Ltd.
Bromleigh Investment Management Inc.

Independent Review Inc.
ISI Seminars and Publications Limited
KnowledgeEvents Inc.
Knowledge Suites Inc.
Maclaren Corlett LLP
MANNA Asset Management
Mediacan International Inc.
Northland Wealth Management
PAN Asset Management
RiskOnBoard Inc
Rosalind Advisors, Inc.
W. W. Woods & Co. Limited